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eCOA Forum 2017 - Attendee Testimonials

May 26, 2017


It’s really great to see kind of the other challenges everyone else has, and how they’re solving it, and kind of where this world is evolving. So it really helps us in our day to day as well.

It opens our mind, and when I say “our,” the data managers within my company, regarding this new technology and to assess the ability to implement such tools for our studies.

Well, it’s a nice event, and I especially appreciated the risk-based monitoring approach that was shared. It gives me some ideas to maybe ask for revision on our monitoring plan potentially, to identify additional risks that we may have missed, or additional was of identifying them.

Today there have been discussions of things that actually have been on my mind for some time now, so it’s good to get other people’s input.

It’s hearing from others, getting different perspectives, chewing through a few of the hot topics. Yeah, it’s been really useful.

Well so far I’ve really enjoyed all the sessions. I think I’ll be able to absorb a lot more, so I’m really looking forward to the remaining sessions.

The key learning points for me personally are what can I bring back to the company in terms of, you know, simplifying or optimizing our way of capturing data.

I think today I would say the session on cognitive interviewing and equivalence testing was really quite useful. And in a sense it just served to confirm that actually it’s not black and white, it’s quite a grey area. And that was kind of reassuring in a sense, you know, that confirmation. So that was useful.

I really really enjoyed the session regarding cognitive debriefing and usability testing. I really think it brought a lot of questions, and some answers as well. It’s a broad topic so I think that’s my main topic I guess I could say.

I think it’s really amazing just to hear how forward thinking everyone is with moving from paper to electronic and that only—that’s a large piece of what we do so it’s definitely good to hear that and bring it back with us as well.

In my opinion, the key learning is that all the sponsors have the same problems, funnily, and that we share the same—the same world in that way that we are facing the same issues with patients completing, that we are facing issues with regulatory, that we are facing technical problems, and that we need to find a solution that we rely on, and we need to rely on our vendors to say, and to help us overcome these problems.

Yes, I would recommend it. I mean it’s always better, you know, to meet people in person, to have discussions, little workshops as we did this morning, rather than, you know, trying to get that knowledge from vendors, you know, from other sources. So I think that’s really—you get good—a lot of information in a very condensed way. So this is a great thing, yeah.

Like I say, it’s a good place to learn, it’s a good place to explore topics together, there’s open discussion, people are sharing information, so it’s a great place to—yeah, to learn more and enrich your knowledge of eCOA.

Absolutely, I mean for the reasons that this mentioned, I think there’s so much in meeting everyone from all the, you know, kind of areas, within pharma, within CROs and other—other areas. I’d say it’s great.


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