CRF Health Looks To Simplify eConsent For Both The Patient And The Researcher

June 15, 2018

By Benjamin Ross, Clinical Informatics News

June 14, 2018 | The discussion surrounding eConsent and its replacement of paper-based solutions in clinical trials is one that’s been going on for quite some time. And yet Rauha Tulkki-Wilke, VP of Product and Service Management at CRF Health, thinks, despite the growth, we’re still 2-3 years away from true mainstream use in the clinical research industry. 

“Change takes some time in the pharmaceutical industry,” Tulkki-Wilke tells Clinical Informatics News. “What we’re seeing in the marketplace is that many sponsors are piloting the use of eConsent, evaluating it, and then the use of eConsent will ramp up.”

It’ll take some time before this “ramp up” reaches its peak, Tulkki-Wilke says. One reason for the moderate rise in eConsent use has been because of the complexity of many eConsent solutions.

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